Member Shares


For 2016 we are offering a 18 week share, June through October, depending on the weather, for $685.

We will also be taking orders for half-shares @ $375 each which would be the same seasonal produce in the same box available every other week for you to pick up.

What's just about $35-$40 a week for locally-grown, organic produce -- far less than you would pay for it in the supermarket. We have decided to sell our shares below the current local rate ($750) because we are still in our formative years and it's important to us to remain affordable. We have planted and gardened for many years and we're still getting our feet wet but we promise we will do our very best for you!

We will also include a list of the produce (because sometimes the stuff looks a little alien), the health benefits and recipes for everything. Chris and I have chose over 100 different varieties of vegetables and fruit to plant and grow for you. There is a great opportunity to have items that you know and love and opportunity to broaden your culinary skills and tastes.

So, the next time you are in a Schnucks, Trader Joes, Jewel, Whole Foods or any other local grocery store, pick up one of their hand baskets - the wire ones, fill it with as much organic produce as it will hold and take it to the checkout. One of those wire baskets holds less than half a bushel of produce, which is the amount we will provide as a half-share from our farm every week. I promise you it will cost you more than $40, and the varieties available there are nowhere near as diverse as what we offer from our farm. That basket of produce from Walmart, Jewel or Schnucks will benefit farmers in Mexico, Chile, and Brazil. There might be some Illinois produce in there, but probably not much, and definitely less than half. That isn’t good enough. In supporting your CSAs, you are supporting your neighbors, and your state and local economies.

                    2016 Pricing

  $685 CSA Full Share (Mid June through September -depending on the weather)

  $375 CSA Half Share                (Box pick-up every other week)

Every other week delivery to Western Chicago Suburbs (St. Charles area) available with a $25 one time added delivery charge




Pick Up Times

Rockford Area Shareholders


Rockford- North End Farmer's Market (near Auburn and North Main near the round-about)


Rochelle - Cypress House


Every Other Tuesday

St. Charles Location

($25 one-time delivery fee required)