The Story Of Hildreth Organics

A hard working dad, a health conscious mom, 4 children, and 2 dogs have all set forth on a journey towards a simpler, healthier life. This journey began with education--about the way our food is currently being grown, produced and processed. GMOs, pesticides, additives and preservatives have become every day practices for most of the food we eat today.

With education, our family made changes-- at the core, changes about the way we think about food. Food sustains, it heals, it prevents illness, it supports communities, and it's very best, it unites us. These changes also included the way we purchased food for our family, specifically by supporting businesses that had philosophies that aligned with ours. Ethical treatment of animals, fair and safe employment for workers, sustainable and organic farming--these are principles that we truly believe in.

With change, came a dream. A dream of our very own farm where we could share our education and beliefs with our community. We are so passionate about this dream that we have left our comfortable suburban lives and "gone country". We got the farm. We are so excited about the opportunity to grow real food for you, real food for your children, food that is good for the earth. We are so thrilled that the next part of our journey includes you.